A healthy gut

Just one handful of macadamia nuts contains 2g of dietary fibre, similar to a slice of wholemeal bread.67

Did you know there are different types of dietary fibre that benefit your body in different ways and macadamia nuts have a combination of these essential fibre types?

The role of fibre in our gut health

Dietary fibre is important for bowel regularity. Insoluble fibre is what we most often think of as beneficial for regular bowel function. It’s the undigested roughage that is not fermented and bulks up stools. Soluble fibre helps with cholesterol reduction as well as bulking up stools by absorbing water to aid regular bowel function.

Fermentable fibre for good health

Nuts like macadamias also contain prebiotic fibre68. This is fibre that is a fermentable food for your gut’s natural bacteria and fungi (called microflora). When this prebiotic fibre is fermented by gut bacteria, short chain fatty acid gases are produced that are beneficial to the lining of the gut. This activity plays a role in the production of the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin69 as well as influencing hormones that affect weight management, appetite, blood sugar levels and the immune system70. So, by eating prebiotic fibre you are stimulating a healthy colony of gut bacteria to benefit your overall health.

Macadamias and the microbiome

There is still a lot to learn in the area of gut health. But we know that eating nuts like macadamias is a delicious way to ensure we are eating a range of dietary fibre each day, including some prebiotic fibre.30,31 Read more about macadamias, gut bacteria and the microbiome.