An Australian Legend

When you lose yourself in the taste of a creamy Australian macadamia, you’re making a luxurious, nourishing and sustainable choice. Nourishing your body while indulging your tastebuds, our macadamias are grown by passionate Aussie farmers, dedicated to working with nature and treading as lightly in the orchard as possible.


Macadamias first evolved in the rainforests on the east coast of Australia over 60 million years ago. Healthy, delicious and very special, they are an integral part of the Australian story and a product of which we can all be proud.

The macadamia legend

History and industry


Every grower has a unique story, and together they make up Australia’s close and collaborative macadamia-growing communities. Whether a third generation farmer or former accountant, they all share one thing in common: a dedication to sustainably growing the world’s best macadamias.

Jason and Fiona Klotz

Michael Russo

Michelle Ninness

Daryl and Nicole Wake