Celebration classics with Australian macadamias

Make celebrations even more special with Australian macadamias

Download our free ‘celebration classics e-recipe book here.

With their delectable, creamy crunch, Australian macadamias make your celebrations mouthwateringly memorable. Not only do macadamias elevate your baking with their distinctive crunch, their smooth and nutty flavour can transform your gifting and feasting on every occasion throughout the year.

In this collection, you’ll find our favourite tried-and-tested creations for festivities and celebrations. Whether you need something to treat Mum on Mother’s Day, a decadent dessert to woo your valentine or something spooky at Halloween, we’ve got you covered! The kids will love our carob Easter bunnies with cute macadamia tail and we also give holiday classics like fruit mince tarts and hot cross buns a macadamia makeover.

Download our free ‘celebration classics e-recipe book here.

Macadamias have a special role in vegan and dairy-free baking, so several of the recipes are perfect for catering for friends with allergies. And since macadamias are packed with good fats, antioxidants and micronutrients, every delicious, celebratory mouthful is also doing you good. Now that’s something to celebrate!