Feel fuller longer

In today’s busy world we need convenient food that will satisfy our taste cravings and keep us going until we have time for a ‘real’ meal.

Luckily, nuts like macadamias are the ideal nutrient-rich, convenient snack.

An ideal snack food

Many snack foods are energy-dense without being nutrient-dense. A classic example is confectionery, which is high in sugar but offers very little by way of vitamins or minerals. Macadamias are both energy-dense and nutrient-dense58, plus they taste delicious which means you actually enjoy eating them!

It’s the protein, healthy fats and dietary fibre in macadamias that help fill you up and keep you feeling fuller for longer. But unlike many protein-filled snacks, macadamias don’t require special refrigeration or preparation. You can simply keep them in your handbag, backpack, school bag or on your desk to grab and go. The healthy fats and dietary fibre contribute to macadamias being a food that is digested slowly with minimal impact on blood glucose levels.

Long lasting energy

Swap the afternoon trip to the vending machine for a handful of macadamias. Deliciously creamy, they offer the crunch and flavour that we are often looking for when we snack. If you are planning to exercise in the afternoon or early evening, combine your macadamia nuts with some fresh fruit, a tub of yoghurt, add them to a smoothie or spread them on wholegrain toast as macadamia nut butter. This combination will give you a more sustained release of energy.