Five unlikely foods that pair well with Australian macadamia nuts

Australian macadamia nuts are packed with a range of essential nutrients and make a delicious and healthy snack option.  

If you like to add nuts to your meals, macadamias can bring a unique flavour and texture to the table. If you want to improvise or experiment with macadamias, these food pairings are a good way to kickstart a nutty feast.   

Get a colorful and tasty meal with macadamia nuts and beetroot 

If you find single palette colours on your plate boring or monotonous, adding a splash of colour through beetroot is a common remedy. The deep, intense and earthy flavour of beetroot makes it a fantastic combo with macadamias. The creaminess of these nuts helps mellow the intense flavour and provides a satisfying mouth feel.  

For more ideas of how to pair beetroot and macadamias (like macadamia, beetroot and cacao cupcakes) this article is a must-read: Why macadamias and beetroot are an unlikely but winning combinations.  

Mushrooms and macadamias make for a juicy, meaty delight 

Mushrooms add a healthy layer of crunchiness to a vegetarian meal

Want to take a break from consuming meat but also miss the texture? Mushrooms may be your new best friend.  

The chitin found in mushrooms makes them a great meat substitute, creating a chewy and briny quality without compromising on nutrition. By adding a handful of macadamias to your mushroom dish, you add a layer of crunchiness to this healthy vegetarian meal option.   

For a simple yet yummy mushroom meal try this recipe: Braised Oyster Mushrooms, Coconut, and Macadamia

Simple snack: curry leaves with macadamias  

Add some zest to your roasted macadamia nuts with curry leaf flavoured spice mix

Macadamia nuts are extremely versatile and work well with a wide range of flavours. In fact, the creaminess that these nuts provide pairs surprisingly well with the zesty flavours of curry leaves. Just roast the nuts and season them with curry leaf flavoured spice mix for some finger licking goodness.   

Make your favourite salad with tangy green mango and macadamias 

Whether you eat them raw or cooked, mangoes are a much-loved fruit. A simple salad of grated green mango, crunchy macadamias, chopped cucumbers and coriander makes a wonderfully zesty salad. Throw in some pomegranate seeds for some sweet relief.

Pair macadamias with coconut for a yummy after-school snack

This idea might seem like a real surprise. Both coconut and macadamias are creamy and buttery but when you bring them together with hot jaggery caramel, this yummy chikki will blow your mind! Just melt a cup of jaggery and stir until it changes colour and starts to foam. Take it off the heat and stir in desiccated coconut and coarsely ground macadamias. Pour onto a baking tray, spread it out and cut the brittle right away into small squares. Break them apart only after they have cooled completely. These little squares of joy could also be included in your little one’s lunch/snack box as a sweet surprise.  

You would be nutty not to make the most out of your macadamia supply so check out  more exciting macadamia nut recipes by visiting: Recipes

Enjoy experimenting with these delicious food pairings and tell us your favourite!