Nine of the best banana and macadamia nut recipes

The powerful sweetness of fresh banana is a great companion to the creamy crunch of macadamias. Whether you want to combine the pair in something for breakfast, a snack or a delicious dessert, here are nine recipes to tempt your tastebuds.

1 – Macadamia and banana smoothie

Shake up your smoothie game this weekend with this macadamia and banana smoothie. If you don’t like to use dairy, try macadamia milk, coconut yoghurt and maple syrup as vegan alternatives to the low fat milk, yoghurt and honey in the recipe.

2 – Macadamia and banana French toast

As easy to make for one as it is to whip up for a crowd, French toast makes a wonderful weekend brunch. Using macadamias and bananas as a topping balances the sweetness of the fruit with the soft crunch of the nuts.

A Macadamia and banana French toast  

3 – Macadamia and banana pancakes

Instead of simply topping your pancakes with macadamias and bananas, why not try something different this weekend? Our recipe has the buttery crunch of macadamias through the pancakes themselves, making them an extra decadent and satisfying morning meal.

4 – Banana and macadamia bread

Topped with crunchy macadamias and flavoured with a creamy homemade macadamia meal, these mini-loaves are a great recipe to try this weekend. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea, they also work well as a snack to take to work.

Banana and macadamia bread 

5 – Gut-friendly banana bread with macadamias

Once you’ve tried this fibre-filled recipe from Live Love Nourish, you won’t be able to go back to regular banana bread. It’s delicious for everyone, and makes a great Saturday afternoon tea.

6 – Banana, raspberry and macadamia bread

You can’t go wrong when you combine these three in one loaf! The raspberries provide a nice tartness to compliment the banana’s sweet flavour and the macadamias provide a unique textural crunch to the bread.

7 – Whole wheat banana, honey and macadamia muffins

These muffins are so good for you that you can eat them as a healthy breakfast, but so delicious you will want to scoff them for dessert. Whip up a batch in the morning and see if they last for the whole day!

Whole wheat banana, honey and macadamia muffins 

8 – Caramel macadamia banana cake

These little cakes make a beautiful, indulgent, warm dessert. A bit like a pudding, the oozing caramel and crunchy golden macadamias are the perfect combination with the warm banana cake. Add a scoop of ice cream for the perfect way to finish a meal..

Caramel macadamia banana cake 

9 – Macadamia banoffee pie

If you don’t bake anything else this month, make sure you make this macadamia banoffee pie. The rich flavours of banana and toffee and creamy crunch of macadamias come together to create this masterpiece of flavour and texture.

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