Seven ideas for macadamia magic this Valentine’s Day

Decadent and delicious, macadamias are the perfect way to spoil the one you love this Valentine’s Day. 

Whether they love gifts, savoury delights or romantic sweet treats, we have all the recipes you need to ensure the day is memorable.

1. Chocolate-coated macadamias

Of course, macadamias are wonderful on their own, but covering them in chocolate adds a whole new layer of indulgence. We recommend experimenting with all three varieties of chocolate to complement the flavour of the nut in different ways – and to show the extent of your affection.

Chocolate coated macadamias for Valentine’s Day  

2. Spice things up with a macadamia laksa

The smooth creaminess of macadamias is perfect as part of the base paste in this spicy macadamia laksa. A fragrant soup like this makes a satisfying and refreshing meal, even in the heat of summer. The paste can be made ahead if you want to treat your sweetheart but are short on time that day.

3. Combine macadamias with seafood for the ultimate luxury

This aromatic prawn and macadamia curry is another spicy favourite that is perfect for the foodie in your life. It is a truly authentic dish that combines both the decadence of macadamias and the luxury of prawns. And chillies are a purported aphrodisiac – so who knows what will happen!

Prawn and macadamia curry 

4. Heart-shaped macadamia delights

These macadamia and raspberry heart friands make the cutest little Valentine’s Day tokens. Even if they don’t tempt your lover, your friends or colleagues at work will appreciate the heart-felt gesture. The sweet, white chocolate and tart berries are perfect foils for the buttery crunch of macadamias.

5. Keep it simple

A plate of fresh fruit and nuts is a simple and healthy way to finish off a special meal. But on Valentine’s Day you have the opportunity to show how much you really care with a variation on the theme. Fresh figs with macadamia praline and creme fraiche is a dessert that is sure to impress your beloved with a very romantic macadamia moment.\

Chocolate coated macadamias for Valentine’s Day  

6. Dainty and tasty

These delicious little tartlets are an easy and dainty way to say ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day. The macadamia crunch in the sweet chocolatey base makes a tasty contrast to the fresh and zesty filling.

7. That’s amore!

The Italian dessert affogato is the ultimate finale for any romantic meal. This chocolate and macadamia affogato recipe combines all the elements of a perfect Valentine’s Day – chocolate, coffee, liqueur and, of course, macadamias.

For other recipes that bring out the delightful deliciousness of macadamias, visit our full recipe collection here.