Skin superfood

When was the last time your favourite snack was also a superfood that boosted the appearance of your skin?

Macadamias are exactly that! These nourishing nuts contain useful amounts of the antioxidant manganese that is essential for your skin to produce the collagen it needs to stay plump and wrinkle free. They are also high in palmitoleic acid – which we produce naturally but diminishes with age – that is believed to help replenish your skin’s youthful glow72.

Nutrients for glowing skin

Macadamias can also help to maintain a smooth and more blemish-free complexion. Eating macadamias and other nuts instead of highly processed foods helps to lower the glycaemic index of your diet as a whole. A low GI diet supports good health so that your skin glows from the inside out and may play a role in preventing acne in teenagers66.

But the beauty benefits don’t stop there. Macadamias are also a source of protein, calcium, potassium, dietary fibre and a number of antioxidants – all of which we need to support our health and maintain glowing skin, strong nails and shiny hair72.

Macadamia oil moisturiser

Macadamia oil is a 100% natural, lightweight skin moisturiser for all skin types. It improves the suppleness of dry skin and is perfect for troublesome patches on the hands, elbows and feet. Both oily and sensitive skin will love this light-weight oil that is non-greasy and easily absorbed.

It’s not just your skin that can benefit. A regular scalp massage using a small quantity of macadamia oil is not only a relaxing treat, it can also help your hair shine and helps control frizz.

It’s so easy to experiment with this nourishing and natural oil. However, rather than reaching for the oil from the pantry to moisturise your skin, ensure you use a cold-pressed macadamia oil. This has been further refined to remove impurities and any nutty aromas.