5 inspiring ways to use macadamia nuts

Macadamias just got a whole lot more versatile!

Macadamia nuts are a favourite with cooks because of their many and varied uses. They work well in both sweet and savoury dishes, adding crunch and texture. Tossing a handful of them  into your salad, stir fry, cookie batter or smoothie, elevates normal recipes into sublime creations.

You won’t believe just how adaptable they can be –  here are five exciting  new ways to use macadamias in your cooking.

1 – Shaved

Follow the trend set by chefs like Adam Liaw, Jason Saxby and Ben Milbourne and shave macadamias over your meal. Simply use a rotary microplane zester to easily shave the macadamias onto dishes. It’s a unique way to add more flavour and texture.

Macadamia shavings make the perfect dairy free, gluten free and vegan alternative to parmesan. Their subtle, buttery flavour also works well with sweet and savoury recipes and adds a protein, nutrient and antioxidant boost to each dish.

Shaved macadamias (photo credit Cultivate Productions)

2 – Toasted

Whether you need a crunchy topping for your next dessert or something to jazz up a salad or vegetable dish, toasted macadamias are the way to go. Roughly chop macadamia kernels and toast in a small, dry frypan for just a few minutes, shaking the pan constantly so they don’t burn. When the macadamias have a little colour to them, sprinkle them over roast veggies, pasta dishes, salads or any meal that needs a little extra pizazz.

If you need a crunchy topping with an extra boost of flavour, try this recipe for macadamia sprinkles. There are several versions for just about every type of dish.

Macadamia sprinkles for just about everything

3 – Savoury crumb

Elevate simple fish, chicken or meat dinners with a macadamia crumb. Herby and zesty, the crumb is easy to make in a food processor. Simply blitz it up and press onto meat or fish before you bake as usual. You can even give your usual festive baked ham a macadamia makeover using a similar principle. Find out how in this recipe.

Macadamia crumb for lamb or fish

4 – Dairy substitute

Going dairy-free, or even completely vegan, can be completely delicious with macadamias! They can be used to make a variety of dairy substitutes, including milk and butter. Try macadamia sour cream for your cooking, macadamia ‘mascarpone’ for your pancakes or macadamia feta for your next cheese platter.

Thickened macadamia cream (dairy free)

5 – In smoothies 

Adding a handful of raw macadamias to your smoothie enhances the texture by making your drink extra creamy and thick. It also transforms your drink into a balanced and sustaining treat, with lots of nutritional bonuses. Learn more here.

Macadamia smoothie in a jar