Are macadamia nuts good for you?

Macadamia nuts are good for you because they are a naturally nutritious whole food with many health benefits. If you hear macadamias described as a superfood, it’s because they really are one.

Macadamias originated in the rainforests on the east coast of Australia over 60 million years ago. Healthy, delicious and very special, they are an integral part of the Australian story.

Here’s why macadamia nuts are so good for you:

1. Macadamias support heart health

The scientific evidence around macadamias and heart health continues to grow. Macadamias contain a low proportion of saturated fats, no nasty trans-fats and are rich in heart-friendly monounsaturated fats. Regular consumption of nuts like macadamias has been shown to:

  • reduce the risk of heart disease
  • contribute to a healthy blood pressure
  • reduce cholesterol levels

For more on how macadamias are good for the future of your heart see here.

Macadamias are good for heart health

2. Macadamias are nutrient rich

A handful of macadamias delivers essential nutrients including:

  • protein for building and repairing muscles
  • manganese for strong bones
  • copper, which is important for our immune system
  • niacin, which is important in keeping our nervous system, digestive system and skin healthy
  • monounsaturated fats, for reducing bad cholesterol levels in your blood and to help develop and maintain your body’s cells

For a full nutrient breakdown of macadamias see here.

A handful of macadamias delivers essential nutrients

3. Macadamias support gut health

There are different types of dietary fibre that benefit your body in different ways and macadamia nuts have a combination of these essential fibre types including:

  • prebiotic fibre helping to produce the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin, as well as influencing hormones that affect weight management, appetite, blood sugar levels and the immune system
  • soluble fibre which helps with cholesterol reduction as well as bulking up stools by absorbing water to aid regular bowel function
  • insoluble fibre which is beneficial for regular bowel function

Your microbiome refers to the whole community of microorganisms living in your gut and you can look after your microbiome by enjoying a plant-based diet containing plenty of fibre, including nuts like macadamias.

Macadamias make me happy

4. Macadamias are high in antioxidants

Macadamias boast some of the highest levels of antioxidants of all tree nuts and all these antioxidants act as your own internal army working to maintain your wellbeing. Studies show that eating naturally antioxidant-rich nuts like macadamias as part of a diet filled with fruits, vegetables and wholegrains improves markers of oxidative stress therefore reducing your risk of chronic disease and premature ageing.

Macadamias are high in antioxidants

5. Macadamias promote healthy skin

Macadamias are a source of protein, calcium, potassium, dietary fibre and a number of antioxidants – all of which we need to support our health and maintain glowing skin, strong nails and shiny hair. Whether you eat them or apply macadamia oil to your skin, macadamias are a natural way to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and retain skin suppleness.

Every time you enjoy macadamia nuts, you’re doing your body, mind and mood a whole lot of good.  To take a closer look at all the ways macadamia nuts can help you live your healthiest life read more here.