Celebrate with these show stopping macadamia cakes

You can be sure that the buttery, creamy crunch of macadamias will make any cake even more scrumptious. This collection of 12 show stopping macadamia cakes is sure to inspire you for your next event.

Macadamia nut celebration cakes

When it’s time for that special gathering with friends and family sometimes only an amazing and delicious cake will do. A show stopping cake is the highlight of any birthday, tea, feast or party and its arrival signals that the celebrations can truly begin.

Macadamias are useful in a variety of ways when making cakes. They can be used like a gluten free flour or meal, as a cheese alternative in dairy free cheesecake, to add a soft crunchy texture or as a delicious and attractive topping.

Download the free show stopping macadamia cakes e-recipe book here or you can click through to each of the recipes below.

Twelve show stopping macadamia cakes download your free recipe book

There’s something for everyone with gluten, dairy and refined sugar free options and treats for both hot summer days and chilly winter nights.

Healthy macadamia birthday cake

Our newest macadamia cake recipe, this one is ideal for kids birthday parties as it is cane-sugar free. With several layers, the sweet buttery icing can take any colour you fancy. Recipe here.

Macadamia birthday cake

Crazy colour slab cake with glittered macadamias

A fun and show stopping cake, this easy to make macadamia slab cake is deliciously moist but delivers a moreish crunch. Recipe here.

Macadamia Valentine love cakes

Sometimes cupcakes are the ideal sweet solution  and these vanilla macadamia cupcakes can be decorated to suit any occasion. Be it a birthday party, Valentine’s day or baby shower, adapt the topping decorations to suit. Recipe here.

Caramel macadamia banana cakes

These individual macadamia banana cakes are a bit like a pudding and make for a special dessert. The oozing caramel with the crunchy roasted macadamias are the perfect combination. Recipe here.

Orange and macadamia layer cake

For the macadamia lover, this adult only layer cake is finished with a splash of Cointreau and a heavy sprinkle of chopped macadamias. Recipe here.

Orange and macadamia layer cake

Frosted macadamia carrot and ginger spice cake

Don’t be surprised if this sweetly spiced, macadamia version of a classic becomes your new family favourite. Smothered in a cream cheese icing, this macadamia cake is surprisingly simple to make, and tastes every bit as good as it looks. Recipe here.

Macadamia, date and chocolate torte

These are the cakes we love the most… rich, chocolatey and special but also super easy to make. This macadamia, date and chocolate torte is ideal for sophisticated celebrations. Recipe here.

Gluten free chocolate macadamia cake with macadamia maple cream

Free from gluten and dairy this chocolate macadamia cake ticks all the boxes for any special occasion. Using macadamia milk, macadamia oil and chopped macadamias this fudgy cake makes the most of the versatile macadamia nut. A great one for kids birthday parties. Recipe here.

Lemon and blueberry macadamia ‘cheesecake’

Our pretty, no bake, dairy free macadamia cheesecake uses soaked macadamias and coconut cream to create rich and creamy layers. A summer time dessert delight. Recipe here.

Lemon and blueberry macadamia ‘cheesecake’

Pavlova with seasonal fruit and candied macadamias

The candied macadamias turn this traditional pavlova into a real show stopper! Their golden crunch compliments the pavlova’s delicious soft centre perfectly. Recipe here.

Macadamia and tropical fruit Christmas cake

A tried and tested recipe year after year, this macadamia Christmas cake is a festive delight. The addition of tropical fruits and chopped macadamias screams Christmas in Australia. Recipe here.

Festive chocolate fruit and macadamia cake

If you like your Christmas cake a little bit chocolatey then this is the one for you. We even show you how to make a macadamia Santa and snowman as decorations. Recipe here.

From bright and fun, to decadent and sophisticated, let these macadamia cake recipes unleash your inner creativity and flair!