Vegan food trends for the year ahead

The trend towards plant-based food looks set to continue to grow in 2021, especially as the disruption of 2020 makes us all think about the way we eat and drives us toward greater creativity in the kitchen.

Below are some plant-forward trends you can expect to see in 2021.

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More non-dairy ‘mylk’ beverages

For years, consumers have been ordering soy and almond mylk in their coffees. In recent years, oat mylk has given them both a run for their money, emerging as a barista favourite. With its subtle creaminess and full mouth-feel, macadamia milk is also a strong contender as a replacement for dairy.

But in 2021, it won’t just be lattes that will see a plant-based makeover. You’ll start to see more ready-to-drink mylk beverages in supermarkets and convenience stores, like this macadamia mylk from Nuyu, available in selected IGAs. Also, as manufacturers continue their plant-based innovation, expect to see dairy-free versions of your creamy favourites (like mac and cheese) to go with your meat-free burgers.

Get into this trend

  • Make your own macadamia mylk at home
  • Whether it’s for cooking or drinking, make sure you choose the best macadamia mylk for your purpose.

More innovation

Expect to hear the cheers of vegans across the country as more and more products are developed to cater for the conscious consumer. From vegan jerky to nut-based ‘butta’ expect savvy startups to deliver more innovations as the year progresses.

With all the stress and anxiety that 2020 has brought, food manufacturers are also expected to focus on how they can increase the way they serve up wellbeing to customers. Expect to see more products with active ingredients like adaptogens that support our mental health.

More people heading towards vegan

Flexitarian approaches to eating are expected to continue in the new year. Although not completely meat-free, this kind of diet isn’t meat or animal product dependent and celebrates plates full of plant-based ingredients. This is a good thing for people who eat vegan! They can expect to see more meat-free Mondays to participate in and vegetarian/vegan options when dining out.

Get into this trend

  • Macadamias are a substitute that satisfies carnivores no matter what the occasion is
  • We have a macadamia-inspired list of ideas for meat free Mondays for you to try in 2021

More emphasis on sustainability and transparency

Food that makes us feel good. Truly good. That’s what many people want after the turmoil of 2020. We want our food to give us that feel-good energy, but also know that we are doing good at the same time by eating it. This will lead food businesses and brands to emphasise their good sustainability credentials and be clear about their environmental impact. As a local ingredient with a great reputation for environmental stewardship, Australian macadamias are set to be at the forefront of this trend in the year ahead.

What vegan trends are you excited by for 2021?

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