A healthy diet


These seven words from Michael Pollan have become the universal advice for healthy eating and macadamias, like other nuts, are a whole plant food. Whatever your dietary preferences, macadamias can play a starring role in a healthy eating regime. Here’s how they fit into a number of popular diets:

Macadamias and the Mediterranean diet

There are many well studied health benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet which includes high levels of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, seeds, herbs and spices. But a recent study also showed that the effects of the diet were boosted when a daily 30 gram serve of nuts was incorporated.56

Macadamias and vegan eating

Plant-based eating, which reduces or completely avoids animal products (like meat, eggs and dairy), has seen a rapid increase in recent years. Whether you are choosing to try meat-free Monday or avoiding animal products entirely, the protein, healthy fats and antioxidants in macadamias make them a delicious, versatile part of a plant-based diet. Macadamias are particularly important for people who want to try a dairy-free diet as they can be easily made into a variety of healthy milk, cheese, butter and cream substitutes.

Keto, paleo and macadamias

Filled with healthy monounsaturated fats, macadamias are a great choice for people on a high-fat ketogenic diet. As a pure wholefood that undergoes very little processing between the tree and your tummy, macadamias are also a mouth-watering part of a paleo or wholefood eating plan.
No matter what your dietary preferences are, remember that macadamias are an incredibly versatile ingredient and can be incorporated into sweet and savoury dishes for flavour, crunch and their many health benefits.